12 Kitchen Commandments for Parents

Here are Cliodhna’s twelve kitchen commandments:

Touch– Get your children’s hands involved in food, get tactile.

Taste – Get them to taste everything, even if they might not want to eat it. A tiny taste from the tip of your finger or spoon can help them make up their mind. The more they taste the more open they will be to new things.

Balance– Variety and sensible shopping is key to a balanced diet.

Moderation– Everything in moderation the odd indulgence won’t do any harm.

Adventure– Make the buying, finding, cooking of the food a fun experience, something they will look forward to. Food is not just fuel.

Respect– Show them the labour that goes into food from talking about and connecting with your dedicated local producers

Talk– Talk about the food, what gives you energy, where eggs come from, the life of a farmer, how flour is made etc.

Celebrate– Celebrate the seasons with your children through food.

Patience– Gentle encouragement is the way to approach food. Never force food on your children.

Positive Reinforcement– Ensure your partner and family enthusiastically endorses the family meal.

Listen-  Listen to your child – Sometimes they are actually full! Try not to over load the plate, they have a great sense of achievement if they can finish everything and they have much smaller tummies than we do.

Meal Times– Try to stick to a schedule, their bodies will be ready for food if it’s given at the same time every day.

Touch and Discover