About Breaking Eggs
Breaking Eggs is a campaign to bring food and cooking to the next generation in a healthy, fun and informative way. It will provide a platform for parents to spend quality time with their kids while passing on a life skill that will benefit them forever. Through a series of short programs, children and parents will be introduced to where our food grows, and who cultivates, collects and prepares it. Ingredients will then be brought back to our family kitchen where with the help of our three kids, we will show you how to create some great family food. Cooking good food at home as a family helps to provide the building blocks for healthy, confident and well-adjusted children.



Jake – 8
Iseult – 6
Milo – 4

The Hatching of a Plan – Written by Jo Hurst   The Food Travel Company

Set up by Cliodhna Prendergast, herself a mother of three and a trained chef, the purpose of Breaking Eggs is to bring children to the kitchen to work and play with food from a young age. It’s this approach. Cliodhna feels, that makes the enormous difference to the way kids view food for the rest of their lives.

Cliodhna herself grew up in a family who respected their food source and in the hotel her family once owned on the west coast of Ireland, the emphasis was always on fresh and local produce, something that Cliodhna has passed on to her young children, Jake, Iseult and Milo.

Cliodhna says: “My childhood memories of food are of being taken under the wing of two amazing chefs at the hotel. One taught me how to make ice-cream and the other taught me about foraging, picking wild garlic in Spring, wild mushrooms in Autumn and making nettle soup. We had a sea trout fishery so I used to fish and when the shooting season came around in Winter we plucked, cleaned, cooked and ate woodcock and snipe and wild duck.”

“I also remember my first real field mushroom, I can taste it to this day. My aunt and uncle have a farm in Mayo where I was shipped off for a week of my summer holidays. We got up at 6am to pick mushrooms in the fields, brought them home and fried them in butter for breakfast. Nothing like it. The smell lingers in my memory, and this I think is what a lot of kids miss out on, the smells of the kitchen that provide the memories of a life time of food being really special.

And it’s from these fantastic food memories that Breaking Eggs was hatched.


This is Patrick/Dad, he makes us feel good by eating all the food we cook. Thanks for your help Dad!

John Sullivan
Our friend, fisherman and neighbour. Through his obvious enthusiasm and love of the sea, we have had some great days out, experiences and fine fresh seafood.

Claudia and Carolyn Strauss
Great friends who joined us on our mushroom hunting Episode for lots of laughs and seriously cute moments between Milo and Claudia!

Conor Steenson
who helped us to get started filming the pilot of Breaking Eggs.

Ronan ByrneThe Friendly Farmer

Thanks to Ronan for showing us around his beautiful farm in Athenry and for contributing to the programme.

Julia Dunin

Julia took all the professional photo’s for the site, a wonderful girl to work with. juliadunin.