Autumn / Fall drink bursting with flavour- Blackberry and Bog Myrtle Cordial


Its October and its taken until now for the blackberries to ripen properly in these parts due to the lack of sunshine this summer no doubt. However, we are now having our indian summer and I have never seen Connemara looking so beautiful. I think nearly all of us have memories of picking blackberries as children so this is just a quick post to help you make the most of what’s available in the hedgerows this autumn and preserve that lovely fall flavour for just a little longer. I have added bog myrtle to this cordial because the flavours go so well together and scream autumn / fall. If you do not have access to bog myrtle there is really no substitute, just leave it out.

Blackberry cordial-0129

Blackberry and Bog Myrtle Cordial

Wild Blackberries
Bog Myrtle
Citric Acid

Wash the blackberries in salted water, the salt will draw out any unwanted nasties.
Add the clean blackberries to a pot and cover with water.
Add a few sprigs of bog myrtle.
Pace the lid on and simmer slowly for about 20-30 minutes.
Strain through a muslin cloth.
For every 500mls of liquid add 350g of sugar.
Stir to dissolve the sugar, bring to the boil and add 1 teaspoon of citric acid to help with the preservation. If you do not have citric acid use 50g more sugar in the recipe.
Pour into sterilised bottles and cool.
Serve with Ice and lots of sparkling water, mixing well.
( Refrigerate cordial after opening )see also Apple and Blackberry Galette

Blackberry cordial-0130