Blackcurrant and meadow sweet cordial

BLACKCURRANT AND MEADOW SWEET CORDIAL I have been remiss in my blog posts recently but summer came along and we have been busy having fun! This is just a quick blog before all your blackcurrants disappeared but the meadow sweet is in full bloom around all over the hedge rows at the moment, they are […]


Stinging Nettle Risotto

      May is the perfect time of year for picking nettles, they are nice and fresh and the new leaves have a mild peppery flavour, whereas later in the year the taste can get a bit overpowering (they are best picked when below knee-length in height). Picking nettles is a great way for […]


Bone broth with seaweed and noodles

  Bone broth – when I first came across the name bone broth, without reading any further, I got a little thrill. It was the absolute perfect name for something that makes me happy to be a cook. Its not just stock, even though it is stock but its real stock. Boiling bones for an […]


Wild Garlic and Mint Chimichurri is the perfect zingy accompaniment for Spring Lamb

    Chimichurri is an Argentinian “green sauce” used to slather on meat. And the Argentinians know how to do meat, I had some of the best I have ever tasted from the asados of Argentina. Although it usually features large amounts of parsley this recipe is a take on chimichurri using the wild garlic […]


Wrap your arms around Octopus Spaghetti this weekend

Giorgio Locatelli’s Octipus Spaghetti Walking past the fish stall in Galway yesterday I spotted some baby octopus on display. I don’t know if it was a little hankering, on a cod February day for a warmer Mediterranean climate or a recipe in the back of my mind for stuffed squid, what ever it was I […]


Best Mince Pie Pastry

Best Mince Pie Pastry   The Present wrapping session in this house always starts with mince pies, a lovely turf fire and some soulful tunes. I have, in previous years always been more interested in the mince pies and less in the wrapping resulting in countless layers of bad wrapping paper bunched together with rolls […]


Festive Brunch

Preparations are under way for Christmas Day, our is turkey being reared and fattened by Farmette in Co. Limerick where I know it is receiving tender loving care in preparation for it’s ultimate sacrifice. We will have a table full of family this year and discussions are under way as to what to have for […]


Squash and Bog Myrtle soup

                                                                              At the end of October we held a Food styling and photography workshop in Connemara at Ballynahinch Castle. The brainchild of Imen McDonnell of this Lens & Larder workshop (#lensandlarder on instagram) brought renowned names from Food Styling & Photography from the USA to Connemara to share the secrets of their art with […]


My dirty little cookbook

Pages stained with grease, wine glass marks, bits of herbs dried in the folds, numbers stuck with treacle and bookmark ribbons frayed. These are the books I love. These are the books that have worked hard, where the recipes have become your own. I opened one of my favourite cookbooks yesterday to make a special […]


Hegde School Galette – Blackberry and Apple

I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to wash blackberry stains off my hands almost every day this month, its September, my favourite month.  The weather has been amazing, days have been filled with bright yellow sunshine and evenings with deep red sun sets. We have been brining back buckets full of blackberries  almost every day and along […]