Bone broth with seaweed and noodles

Bone Broth


Bone broth – when I first came across the name bone broth, without reading any further, I got a little thrill. It was the absolute perfect name for something that makes me happy to be a cook. Its not just stock, even though it is stock but its real stock. Boiling bones for an hour wont cut it here. This is the slow, very slow simmering and skimming of bones for hours on end that results in the bones breaking down and releasing the real goodness that’s hidden inside.

Protein, vitamins, minerals, collagen and keratin, you simply wont find all this goodness in a cube or even in a lightly boiled stock.

You can make bone broth from any animal bones, in this case chicken.

And really, if for this reason alone it should be an organic chicken, you can totally justify the spend when you get so much goodness out of one bird.


I think it was the Hemsley and Hemsley girls that brought this to the fore recently and girls you deserve an award, simply for the name, it is simple perfection. It is soul food.

Thankfully for chicken bone broth you don’t have to stand over it for hours skimming it as it does not have a lot of fat on it.



Almost every week we roast a chicken in our house ( one of my favourite things) and it is the remains of this that I use for my bone broth, every bird deserves second chance to shine!


People have been asking me to put forward one of our favourite, go too family meals and bone broth with noodles is it hands down. It gets the “yeah’s” going right down the table. It has everything going for it, along with its amazing nutrition, its comforting when your sick, its warming when your cold, its light in summer and robust enough in winter. It is, quite simply a tonic and star of the family kitchen.

Although I am giving you a recipe for this, it is the perfect opportunity to cook from taste rather than recipe. This broth is crying out for individuality, so make it your own by adding in your favourite greens, some chilli, lime juice, lemon grass, what ever takes your fancy.


Chicken Noodle-0193

Serves 4


4 portions of noodles


1 ½ Lt of bone broth base

200g of sliced leftover chicken

1 thumb sized piece of ginger* peeled and grated

A handful or dried seaweed, I use a mix

15mls of light soy sauce

10mls of fish sauce

1tsp soybean paste

1handfull of fresh coriander chopped

1handfull of finely sliced scallions/spring onions





  • After the bones have been picked from your roast chicken and any leftover chicken saved, put everything, skin, bones and juices in a pot ( all the bones, even the bones that have been on the plates, its boiled for hours, perfectly hygienic) that fits cover with water
  • Add an onion, cut in half with skin on bring to gentle simmer
  • The longer and more gently you can simmer the bones the better. It takes some time before the bones break down and allow the really good stuff out. I put mine in the slow cooker of the Aga over night. A covered pot in any cooker set at 100C and left overnight would be perfect
  • Strain the liquid into another pot to reveal the base of a lovely clear bone broth
  • Cook the noodles and set aside
  • Put the clear broth on the heat, do not boil (this would mix in the fats and it will become cloudy) and add the seaweed, soy sauce, fish sauce, soybean paste, ginger
  • Check for seasoning, it may need a splash of soy sauce or a little bit more ginger to your suit your taste
  • When it comes to a simmer remove from the heat, and add the coriander and scallions
  • Divide the noodles between 4 bowls, pour over the broth and top with sliced chicken.



  • Just a few little tips if you are making this your own: The flavour of the broth will be somewhat diluted when you add it to the noodles so keep this in mind when you are tasting it for seasoning


  • If your kids don’t like huge amounts of green or seaweed like mine, just strain the broth over the noodles, the ingredients will have given their flavour and most of their nutrition.


  • *Tip, keep ginger in the freezer, it keeps perfectly so always on hand when you need it but also makes for much easier grating when frozen.