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Mussel and Smoked Haddock Chowder

I have just been out for a blustery and wet but wonderful walk on Dogs bay and Gurteen beach with my husband and three children. We walked to the edge of the headland to watch the waves crash in on the rocks. We stood for a while taking it all in, watching the sky, watching […]


Quince Trifle and Charred Figgy Sprouts

Let the festivities begin!! This is a very easy and deliciously different way to prepare your brussels sprouts, the sweetness of the figs with the smokey , spicy chorizo is a great match for the sprouts. I like to use Fingal Ferguson Gubbeen Smokehouse raw chorizo. Serves 4-6 300g/9 oz brussels sprouts 60g/2oz chorizo 100g/4oz […]


October Fool, a tangy quince dessert.

Get the boxset Quince it the quintessential October fruit. Its tough, its inedible when raw, it drys your mouth out like nothing on earth, its difficult to manage but, when cooked, it rewards you in spades with its layers and layers of flavour. This year, in September, in the nick of time for an important […]


Missed September deadline and Claire Ptak’s Cinnamon Buns

ARRRhhh! I missed the September deadline for my blog post! I had this post ready to go for the longest time and then things just got on top of me so I do apologise. We have had a very exciting month with lots going on, lots that I am absolutely bursting to tell everyone, but […]


Meadowsweet Summer Jelly

Rain Jackets, tennis rackets, horse shoes and wet suits , chicken pox and tonsillitis are some of the things that have featured heavily this summer in Connemara. But also blackcurrants, meadow sweet, dinners with friends, chilly barbecues, honey suckle and gooseberries, piglets and muck. Laughter and rain showers, visitors and Wellington boots. It has not […]


Blackcurrant and meadow sweet cordial

BLACKCURRANT AND MEADOW SWEET CORDIAL I have been remiss in my blog posts recently but summer came along and we have been busy having fun! This is just a quick blog before all your blackcurrants disappeared but the meadow sweet is in full bloom around all over the hedge rows at the moment, they are […]


Stinging Nettle Risotto

      May is the perfect time of year for picking nettles, they are nice and fresh and the new leaves have a mild peppery flavour, whereas later in the year the taste can get a bit overpowering (they are best picked when below knee-length in height). Picking nettles is a great way for […]


Bone broth with seaweed and noodles

  Bone broth – when I first came across the name bone broth, without reading any further, I got a little thrill. It was the absolute perfect name for something that makes me happy to be a cook. Its not just stock, even though it is stock but its real stock. Boiling bones for an […]


Wild Garlic and Mint Chimichurri is the perfect zingy accompaniment for Spring Lamb

    Chimichurri is an Argentinian “green sauce” used to slather on meat. And the Argentinians know how to do meat, I had some of the best I have ever tasted from the asados of Argentina. Although it usually features large amounts of parsley this recipe is a take on chimichurri using the wild garlic […]


Wrap your arms around Octopus Spaghetti this weekend

Giorgio Locatelli’s Octipus Spaghetti Walking past the fish stall in Galway yesterday I spotted some baby octopus on display. I don’t know if it was a little hankering, on a cod February day for a warmer Mediterranean climate or a recipe in the back of my mind for stuffed squid, what ever it was I […]