Easy ways to involve kids

Parents/guardians can decide for themselves what is suitable for the age of the child, but be adventurous; they can do more than you think!

Peeling – For younger kids stick a fork in the vegetable to hold it so they don’t peel their fingers.

Licking the bowl clean!

Cleaning Mushrooms

Snapping peas/beans



Cracking eggs

Separating egg yolks

Scrubbing vegetables

Tearing lettuce

Toss salad

Peel hard-boiled eggs

Kneading dough

Cutting shapes in pastry/cookie dough etc.


Crumbing, i.e. mixing flour and butter to a crumb for pastry etc…

Supervised blending – let them press the buttons under supervision (never when the contents are hot)

Pesto, hummus, guacamole are all easy non cook ideas for kids

Preparing skewered food for barbecues

Mixing dry ingredients in a bowl

Painting egg wash on tarts, breads etc

Oiling cake/bread tins with a pastry brush

Grinding spices in a pestle and mortar

Chopping soft fruits with a plastic/side knife

Rolling out pizza dough

Mashing soft fruit with a fork

Bring your child to the market rather than the Supermarket to see all that’s on offer and meet the producers

Ask the stall owners what is in season on the day, most are happy to explain a bit about their produce

If children see that you have built up a relationship with the market sellers they are one step closer to real food