Fifty shades of blue – Summer Drinks




If Ireland has forty shades of green then Greece has to have 50 shades of blue.

We are back on our beautiful Island, Paros, in the Cyclades. Every year it becomes more like a home, when the car rental guy notices you’ve changed your hair ( seriously!) and the ice cream man has Milo’s height marked on the wall from last year and the year before and the year before that. Where the kids get the most atrocious haircut because we love the barber Nikos. He speaks no English and my Greek does not cover hair styles.

I’m in a little café on the beach looking out at the deep blue, crystal clear, Aegean  with the blue and white flag fluttering on a blue and white church on the headland.

Last night we called to see Karen Parson for sunset drinks at the Saloon D’or. When I happened upon this Island 20 years ago this year, Scotish Karen “allowed” me to work with her at the gorgeous little, very Greek, bar along the waterfront called Meltemi. She made the best cocktails in town. Jorgo, my old boss still has Meltemi which we frequent but Karen now works at the Saloon D’or so that’s our stop for sunset cocktails. She is still her dry witty self and the best cocktail maker/shaker in town.

It is not often Karen shares her secrets but I’ve managed to get the makings of three delicious summer drinks, cocktails and mocktails , from her for you to enjoy over the summer.





Cool Summer Drinks




The Cool Cure

½ Lime

2 tsp Brown Sugar

2 quarts of Gordons Cucumber Gin

1 dash Grand Marnier

Fresh Mint

Soda Water


Muddle the Lime and sugar in a glass. Add ice, mint, cucumber gin and a dash of Grand Marnier. Top off with soda water.


Mango Daiquiri

½ Fresh Mango

2 quarts Rum

½ fresh Lemon


Blend the Mango and rum, ice and juice of ½ a lemon.


Pineapple and Mango Mocktail

 Fresh Pineapple

Fresh Mango



Blend fresh pineapple, mango and ice until it makes a slushie